When you consider getting new dentures after undergoing oral surgery in New Brunswick, NJ, to extract all your teeth, you might wonder whether you can have your favorite foods like the cheesy pizza you love. Dentures are artificial prosthetics designed to appear and function like your natural teeth and allow you to eat, speak and smile comfortably without posing challenges.


Foods like pizza are not harmful to your dentures if you permit them to set in your mouth and become accustomed to wearing the artificial prosthetics for some time. Initially, you will experience some challenges eating sticky or hard foods as you might feel the dentures slip or shift. However, with time you become comfortable with your artificial teeth, you must ensure you have soft foods to prevent damaging them.


How Long Must You Wait for Your Dentures to Set in the Mouth?


When wearing dentures after removing them for cleaning or other purposes, the prosthetics require a minute or two to settle in your mouth, especially if you have acrylic dentures. Therefore, you must ensure that you allow your new dentures to relax in the mouth by giving them sufficient time before biting hard foods. The time required for setting the dentures gains importance if you wear upper dentures.


Most importantly, ensure that your new dentures are comfortable to wear before you put them in your mouth for eating or drinking foods and beverages. Ill-fitting dentures keep food trapped between your gums and the prosthetic causing immense pain. To ensure you don’t confront such problems must initially wear the dentures before the dentist in Brunswick and must practice placing dentures in the mouth in front of the mirror before moving out to meet your friends or socializing.


When Can You Eat All Foods with Dentures?


The dental clinic in Brunswick suggests that you start using your dental by eating soft foods until you become accustomed to the prosthetics, which might require a few days or more depending on your comfort level and the practice you put into achieving comfort with your artificial teeth. The clinic recommends you have soft foods by cutting them into smaller pieces and chewing from both sides of the mouth to ensure your jaws get accustomed to the prosthetics at the earliest. In addition, you also receive advice to have cold or cool foods because it becomes easier for you to chew and swallow.


After you have become accustomed to wearing dentures and having food comfortably, you can consider having pizza. However, you must carefully chew small pieces, making them easier to swallow and helping digestion when using teeth replacement solutions. In addition, it helps if you avoid hard crusts and prefer pan pizza with soft crusts. Pizza will likely not damage your dentures soon after you start eating it with your artificial teeth so long as you remember that the appliance needs time to adjust to your mouth and settle appropriately when eating such foods.


Caring for Your Artificial Teeth


After spending considerable time and money seeking dentures treatment Brunswick, you must ensure you care for your artificial by following your dentist’s instructions to the word. It includes wearing them for the better part of the day and removing them at night.


The longer the prosthetics remain in your mouth, the sooner you become accustomed to wearing them. However, cleaning your dentures is also a requirement you cannot overlook. When eating foods with artificial teeth, you might think they don’t need maintenance like the natural teeth you had extracted because they are not vulnerable to tooth decay. Unfortunately, your gums remain susceptible to gum disease, which develops when you allow food particles to stay trapped beneath the dentures and accumulate plaque. Therefore every time you remove the dentures from your mouth after eating food or pizza, you must ensure that you clean the dental appliance with a denture cleanser and your mouth and gums as recommended by your dentist to eliminate dental plaque.


You must also remain careful when storing the dentures overnight and refrain from leaving them in hot temperatures to prevent warping that can damage the prosthetics. You must keep the appliance at room temperature and clean them again in the morning before returning them to your mouth.


Eating pizza with dentures is undoubtedly possible because it will not damage your dentures. However, some preventive measures are essential, as described earlier, to ensure you don’t confront complications with the prosthetics.


Brunswick Smiles provides denture treatment, giving you advice on the foods you can or cannot have after you get your new dental appliance. If you plan to replace your extracted teeth with dentures, kindly schedule an appointment with this dental facility for your replacement teeth.