Is your smile affected by crooked and gapped teeth that are also preventing you from maintaining proper oral hygiene? You may believe it is an inconsequential problem that requires no treatment. However, the issue is exposing you to the risks of tooth decay, which have severe consequences.

Rather than hiding your smile and living with the fear of consequences from tooth decay, wouldn’t it be better if you simply corrected the problem affecting your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners? The treatment with Invisalign will not only improve the appearance of your teeth. Still, it will also make it possible for you to improve your oral hygiene to prevent incidences of tooth decay.

Why Choose Invisalign over Other Orthodontic Appliances?

Invisalign is the leading transparent aligners system available to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues such as gapped teeth, malocclusion, crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, and crowded teeth. You can correct the problems discreetly by wearing virtually invisible aligners on your teeth, unlike traditional braces that have brackets and wires attached to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Correcting the problems which are teeth with Invisalign means you do not have to face the embarrassment generally encountered by many people. Invisalign clear aligners can be removed from your teeth when eating or drinking anything but water and maintaining your regular oral hygiene routine. Here again, the situation is unlike with braces, which cause numerous difficulties when cleaning your teeth and even attract food particles and debris to be trapped between them. The treatments with Invisalign works faster to make it possible for you to have straighter teeth earlier than with braces. Most importantly, the people around you will not notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatment because the aligners are virtually invisible.

Getting Invisalign for Straightening Your Teeth

If you are interested in this option, you must begin researching for Invisalign near me that will take you to the website of Brunswick Smiles, who are Invisalign certified providers. Scheduling an appointment with this family dentist near you will allow access to a dental professional experienced in treating orthodontic issues.

During your first appointment, the dental professional will discuss your problems and assess your suitability for the treatment with Invisalign. After completing the assessment and confirming your fitness, the dentist takes digital impressions of your teeth and mouth with a 3D intraoral scanner. The scan allows you to see a 3D visualization of your smile after the treatment.

A customized treatment plan is created for you after the assessment before it is sent to a digital treatment facility for preparing your aligners. Your aligners are made by the treatment facility and approved by a doctor before they are sent to you with instructions for wearing them for at least 20 to 22 hours every day.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign transparent aligners system takes away the embarrassment of wearing and displaying metal and wire braces besides providing you benefits like removing them whenever you want. The treatment with Invisalign is customized to move your teeth incrementally. As you progress through the procedure, every fresh set of aligners will take you closer to your smile goal.

It would be best if you visited the office of Brunswick smiles every 6 to 8 weeks to assess your progress and also collect your fresh set of aligners to continue the treatment. Remember, if you want to achieve the desired results, the aligners must remain on your teeth for the specified number of hours by the dental professional. Compromises in the period specified will delay the results from the treatment and also increase the financial costs significantly.

Orthodontic treatments are no longer limited only for children and can be at by people of all ages. Bearing the requirement of people in mind, Align technology has developed Invisalign Go for teenagers allowing them to complete the treatment in 3 to 6 months as opposed to the 2 to 3 years needed by Invisalign for adults. Invisalign Go works similarly to Invisalign to gradually and gently straighten teeth and other problems mentioned in this blog. It is an excellent alternative to metal and wire braces for treating mild to moderate issues of misalignment.

If you are concerned about the costs of Invisalign, you will do well to know that the difference is not significant, and the treatment is also covered by insurance. Therefore there is no reason for you to continue living with the problems affecting you when you can quickly and discreetly overcome the issues with Invisalign.