Sealants are an essential part of a child’s preventive dental care. Kids should get them on their premolars and molars as they erupt. This guards their teeth against cavities, decay, and other teeth issues between the age of six to fourteen. They are also easy to replace when required. If you found them damaged or chipped, replace them quickly. Know more about the treatment with our FAQs:

What Are Sealants for Teeth?

They are coat painted on the back teeth to prevent cavities and decay. They usually guard the surfaces by covering them with a protective shield that blocks food and germs. This protects them from cavities for a long time.

What Do They Look Like?

A sealant can be white, clear, or slightly tinted. Typically, you cannot see them when a kid communicates or smiles.

How Do They Work?

When the expert dentist in Robbinsville Twp applies a sealant, itprotects the teeth from cavity-causing bacteria that would otherwise generate acids and trigger holes in your teeth. It work by eradicating the bacteria, prevent acid formation on teeth, and keeping bits of food out.

How Long Do They Last?

A sealant is durable and can withstand up to nine to ten years after the placement. In some cases, they do pop up. Thus, make sure you schedule a dental appointment on a routine basis to get them checked. Remember, if you lose a sealant, the protective shield is also lost. This makes your teeth more prone to getting cavities.

Who Can Get them?

A sealant is great for both kids and adults. Once the molars of your kid occur, it’s worth sealing the teeth to keep them cavity-free. It also saves money and time in the long run.

How Long After a Sealant Can You Eat Food?

You can consume your favorite food and drink after twenty-four hours of getting a sealant. You may also feel like biting onto something at first, this strange feeling fade away fast.

Plenty of kids typically complain of strange taste for several minutes after the application. A high-quality flavored drink will be beneficial to eradicate that taste.

Can I Brush My Teeth After Getting Them?

After the teeth sealant placement, you can brush and floss usually as you do.

Do They Prevent Cavities?

Yes. A sealant is a simple, quick, and painless solution to prevent cavities in the permanent back teeth of kids.

When is The Perfect Time to Get them?

There is no best time to replace them. You can get them anytime you desire as a preventive measure to counteract teeth issues. However, do not wait till dental decay gets severe or tooth pain starts.

Are They Covered By Dental Plans?

Not every insurance plan covers a sealant. You can ask your insurance provider about dental coverage.

Do They Trigger Any Negative Effects?

There are no side effects with the use of the sealant, except for allergy issues. However, allergy is quite minimal and not harmful.

Will It Hurt to Get Sealant?

Getting a dental sealant does not cause pain and easy to get in just one visit.It is because the treatment does not include any drills or shots.

The tooth is cleaned, and the gel may be put on the chewing surface for several seconds. After that, the tooth is then washed and dried. Now, the expert paints the sealant on the tooth and shines the light on it to make it harden.

Is Sealing a Tooth Better than Filling?

Sealants for teeth is a quick way to prevent cavities. Remember, a tooth without any cavity is much stronger than the tooth with a filling. They are also affordable and easy to apply, unlike dental fillings.

Will They Make Teeth Feel Different?

A sealant is quite thin and fills the grooves and pits of teeth. Sometimes, kids feel them with their tongues after the placement. However, this feeling subside within a couple of days.

Are They Costly?

A dental sealant is quite cost-effective, mainly when it comes to the teeth protection of your kid. By preventing cavities, you avoid the requirement of fillings and other repairs in the upcoming years.

Dental experts at Mercer Smiles will check them at each of your dental appointment to ensure they are present and functioning properly.