You’ve probably seen all the much-deserved media hype about Invisalign dental aligners and how their use has transformed the lives of countless patients that were looking for a fast, easy, and affordable way to transform their smiles.

You may even be eager to learn more about how a Monmouth Junction dentist can help you get started with your own smile transformation with the use of these transparent aligners. If so, Brunswick Smiles hopes that you’ll find the following information helpful in answering your questions.

But if you still have questions after reading this article, we invite you to make an appointment with us for more in-depth information and a customized treatment plan for Invisalign in Monmouth Junction.

What Patients Love the Most About Invisalign from Their Dentist in Monmouth Junction

The list of what patients appreciate the most about Invisalign dental aligners is almost endless. When you take into consideration that the custom-fit aligners are suitable for patients of all ages, it’s easy to understand why the appreciation is so extensive.

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable to wear because they do not contain any of the wires or brackets found in their old-fashioned counterparts. The benefit of this feature alone is almost endless.

Because the aligners can be removed for convenience by the wearer when desired, they’ll be able to stay active in sports, business, and social functions without interruption. That means no embarrassment during business meetings, school presentations, or first dates. The fact that you’re taking a proactive stance to improve your smile will be your secret for as long as you need it to.

Conditions that a Dentist in 08852 Can Correct with Invisalign Treatment

The following are the most common complaints that can be corrected with Invisalign treatment. If you’re unsure which of these conditions apply to your teeth, Brunswick Smiles will be happy to provide individual consultation to help you better understand how Invisalign can help improve your smile.

  • Straighten crooked teeth, including those that don’t line up as a result of a crossbite
  • Correct protrusions of the upper or lower jaw, also known as an overbite or an underbite
  • Close spacing between teeth caused by gaps or an open bite
  • Correct the appearance of over-crowded teeth

Additionally, with the specialized treatment designed just for children who have a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth, and teenagers who may need the incentive to wear their aligners as prescribed, Invisalign First aligners and Invisalign Teen aligners make smart sense to ensure your child’s beautiful adult smile!

Not All Dental Aligners Are Created Equal

As a leading dentist Monmouth Junction NJ, it’s important for us to mention how important the quality of the dental aligner you choose is to the success of your treatment. Invisalign aligners are constructed from an advanced material known as SmartTrack®.

SmartTrack means that there is an increase of 75 percent more predictability that you’ll receive the results you and your dentist have outlined in your treatment plan – and often at a rate of 50 percent faster than other aligner materials.

If predictability and shortened treatment times matter to your end goal, then the use of Invisalign with their patented SmartTrack materials is the answer you’re looking for!

Individualized Treatment Plans with Invisalign Software

At Brunswick Smiles, we value the fact that every patient has a unique smile. That’s why we will never lump you into a one-size-fits-all treatment category fort your smile makeover in Monmouth Junction, NJ.

We know how easy it is to be tempted to purchase off-the-shelf products like whitening gels and dental aligners, but we also know that there is no way to receive the results that can be afforded by partnering with a dentist near you who utilizes specialized software and other equipment to help you improve your smile.

Instead of being tempted by the flash costs of over-the-counter dental aligners – that typically over-promise and under-deliver — why not make an appointment for a consultation to compare the proven results of Invisalign against the marketing promises of other aligner manufacturers.

When it comes to clear aligners, there is no other product than Invisalign that offers the history, data, research, and patented technology to produce a smile makeover for patients of all ages!