Crooked and misaligned teeth are common and affect both children and adults alike. While it is easy for children to get braces, it is not so straightforward for adults.

This is probably because of the inconvenience of the metal braces. That is why most people are turning to clear braces because they are less conspicuous. If you want Invisalign® treatment in Monmouth Junction, here are some FAQs that we get all the time.

What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are clear braces made from thermoplastic material. These aligners are customized to suit your teeth and gums. Unlike the conventional metal braces, Invisalign aligners are removable and are gentle on the gums. Clear aligners and metal braces follow the same orthodontic principles; they apply pressure on the teeth and gradually reposition the teeth to the correct position.

What Does My Invisalign Treatment Entail?

Invisalign treatment is done in phases:

  • Dental evaluation and mapping of the treatment plan

Our cosmetic dentist in Monmouth Junction will examine your teeth and perform any necessary treatments such as dental cleaning. Next, a smile scan is taken with our 3D scanner. The dentist will use software to map out the treatment plan. The software also determines the pressure to be applied and the time needed for the teeth to reposition.

The dentist will also show you a preview of the smile and what you can expect after the treatment is done.

  • The treatment stage

At the start of the orthodontic treatment, you will receive a batch of aligners to be worn for 22 hours daily, 14 days each set. During the treatment stage, you will need to come for an assessment every six to eight weeks for evaluation.

How long the Invisalign treatment lasts will depend on the severity of the malocclusion and your discipline. Some people report positive results within six months, but it can take 18 months to complete the treatment.

Is The Invisalign Treatment Painful?

Invisalign braces are gentle on your gums and will not cause the bruising brought by metal wires. However, because of the teeth’ repositioning, you will feel slight discomfort the first time you wear the braces or change the settings. The pressure is minimal and clears after some time, so no need to take pain relievers.

Do the Braces Affect Your Speech?

The first time you wear the aligners, you may experience a slight change in your speech as the tongue adjusts to the braces. This will, however, not last for long.

Is It Hard to Keep the Invisalign Clean?

Not quite. But, it requires discipline to maintain the braces clean. It is crucial to keep braces clean by brushing them every day. Do not use toothpaste or warm water to clean the braces as may distort the shape of the aligners.

Ensure you rinse your teeth and braces after eating and before putting them back on. Always keep the braces moist even when you are not wearing them by soaking them in water. Dry braces attract bacteria and cause them to multiply.

What Happens After the Invisalign Treatment Done?

When your teeth attain the desired position, you will get a retainer to maintain the teeth in this position. The retainer devices are clear and resemble the aligners. In the first few days, you will wear the retainer all the time, and after that, at night.

Are They Worth the Price?

Invisalign braces are invisible and rarely alter your dental appearance. Also, they don’t change your eating habits, as you can eat whatever you want, as long as you remove them. They are, therefore, convenient for adults as they can maintain proper hygiene.

Invisalign braces are worth the price if you have mild to moderate orthodontic problems.

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Invisalign braces are simple, affordable, and easy to maintain if you follow the dentist’s instructions. Visit Brunswick Smiles for more information on Invisalign braces and how they can benefit you. Our dentist will do a comprehensive dental assessment and recommend a suitable orthodontic treatment or any of our other dental procedures.