Unless you have previously needed a dentist for dental emergencies, it is hard to comprehend why one would require emergency dental services. In most cases, patients do not hold dental care in high regard unless they have an oral problem. Worse, until the oral problem becomes a dental emergency, they may still not take the matter seriously.

Emergency dentistry near you in Robbinsville Twp is there for a reason. Many oral problems you experience must be handled urgently to ensure that your oral health is reinstated as soon as possible.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

It is an oral problem that deviates from the ordinary by being urgent, pressing, and often severe. An oral emergency can be realized from an injury or accident, which is the most common way. However, in other cases, patients who need emergency dentistry in Robbinsville Twp, NJ have progressed oral problems. This means that a typical non-urgent dental issue advanced and progressed into an urgent oral problem that needs immediate medical attention.

Determining the difference between a typical dental problem and an urgent one is often difficult. Usually, patients tend to think of any oral issue as an emergency, especially where panic and anxiety are involved. However, several pointers help flag out a dental emergency:

  1. Severe pain – if you think your pain is bearable and easily manageable at home, it is not yet a dental emergency.
  2. Significant swelling – it usually spreads to different parts of your body.
  3. Prolonged bleeding – whether it is too much blood or little, if it is prolonged, it merits for a dental emergency.
  4. Broken parts and appliances – this accounts for broken features in the oral cavity, whether your oral appliances or your jawbone and teeth.
  5. Missing teeth – how you lose your teeth may not matter as much when you have one or more of your teeth missing. This should always be considered a dental emergency, with the exemption of kids losing their milk teeth.

Why Do You Need Emergency Dentistry Services?

Seeking urgent care in Robbinsville Twp is only necessary when you have an actual need for the services. Ideally, you can seek dental assistance for typical dental issues from general dentistry near you. When it comes to emergency dentistry, here are some reasons why you need those particular services for your dental health:

  1. To restore your lost tooth – if you find the knocked-out tooth before you go to a dental ER, then you have a high chance of having it restored. Emergency dental experts are experienced with the concept of restoring a natural tooth to its socket. The only affecting factor for this to happen is time. It is why you should seek urgent care as soon as possible.
  2. To alleviate your pain – pain caused by dental emergencies is not manageable at home. Over-the-counter pain medication may only help to suppress the discomfort for a short while. The excruciating pain that is characterized by more oral emergencies should be treated in a dental ER. The treatment will get to the underlying cause of the pain, riding you of your discomfort for good. Besides, it is important to note that pain associated with dental emergencies is not only exclusive to the oral cavity but can also manifest as migraine headaches, neck, and shoulder pains.
  3. To manage the swelling – inflammation is a good sign that your body’s immune system is still functioning well. However, when the swelling starts spreading to other parts of your body other than your mouth, then you know you have a problem. Such swelling can appear on your neck, face, and even cause your eyes to puff up. The swelling is best managed in emergency dentistry.
  4. To fix broken oral appliances – oral appliances are necessary for certain treatments in your mouth. Without them, it is as if your treatment was not successful. Therefore, when one of your oral appliances is damaged, seek urgent dental care. This will help ensure that the initial dental issue you had does not reoccur, and neither does a new one occur.

To stop progression – many dental problems progress rapidly. A small wound on your inner cheeks can turn into a significant gum infection that cannot be overlooked. An important role of emergency dentistry is that of stopping the progression of dental problems.