Currently, dental fillings and crowns are the most common restorative dental procedures. Statistics show that at least fifteen million Americans use dental crowns. However, it is always wise to research before choosing any dental treatment. In this blog, we will discuss five things you should consider before choosing a dental crown. But before that:

What is a Dental Crown?

Also known as a dental cap, it is an artificial tooth attached to a weak tooth or implant to restore your teeth’ functionality and appearance.

When is a Dental Cap Used?

Your dentist can recommend a dental crown in the following situations:

  • To protect weak teeth.
  • To cover discolored teeth and restore the appearance of your smile.
  • To provide support for dental bridges.
  • After a root canal therapy
  • Restore the size and shape of a severely decayed tooth
  • After a dental implant procedure

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Dental Cap

Here are the crucial things you should consider before settling on a certain dental cap:

Examine the Need for the Cap

Dental crowns are used for both restorative and cosmetic procedures. The crown procedure is irreversible and slightly more expensive, so you must be sure that’s what you want. That said, if you want to get one for cosmetic reasons, maybe you should consider other less invasive procedures that can achieve the same results. For example, if you want to cover discolored teeth, maybe you can go for dental bonding or veneers.

However, if a crown is suggested for restorative reasons, you should definitely go for it. Crowns are strong, aesthetic, and can last for the longest time, depending on the material used. You should use a dental crown after the root canal and implant procedure.

Compare the Materials

There are several types of crown material, and the best one for you will depend on the location of the tooth and the amount you are willing to spend. The most common materials are stainless steel, metal alloys, porcelain, resin, and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Stainless steel is only used temporarily while permanent crowns are being made in the dental clinic. They are mostly used by children after a baby tooth extraction to maintain the space for permanent teeth.

Metal alloys are strong and durable, but they are not aesthetic. That’s why they are often recommended for back teeth. Gold crowns can be used for both front and back teeth. Most people don’t mind showing off their gold teeth.

Resin crowns are susceptible to chips and breaks. However, they are quite aesthetic since they can be designed to match your natural teeth’ color. We strictly recommend them for front teeth.

Porcelain crowns are durable and strong. They are also quite aesthetic and stain-resistant. They can be used for both front and back teeth. However, we mostly recommend them for front teeth since they are still not as strong as your natural teeth.

If you want to use porcelain for back teeth, choose porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. They are stronger and can withstand the pressure from constant chewing. The metal line may start showing with time, and that’s why we recommend them for back teeth.

Compare Costs

Resin is the most affordable among the options. However, it is susceptible to breaks and does not last for a long time. Gold is strong and durable but slightly expensive. Metal alloy crowns are affordable and strong, but amalgam can pose a health risk because of the mercury in it.

Porcelain crowns are strong, durable, and aesthetic. They are slightly expensive, though. Still, we recommend porcelain crowns every time. They are worth every dollar.

Consider Durability

Gold and metal alloy caps are the most durable, lasting for up to 20 years. Porcelain is also quite durable, lasting for more than ten years. Resin lasts averagely for about five years.

Consider Appearance

You want to choose something that will make you want to smile more because of how good it looks. Gold is aesthetic since it is a classy metal. Porcelain and resin crowns are the most aesthetic since they can be designed to match your teeth’ color. Metal alloy crowns are the least aesthetic, and that’s why they are often recommended for back teeth.

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