Monmouth Junction dentist dental professionals can straighten crooked or misaligned teeth in several ways. The preferred treatments presently are however traditional braces and Invisalign with both having a specific set of advantages and disadvantages.

Arriving at a decision, either way can prove difficult but we are willing to help you out to make the choice. Listed below is how traditional braces or Invisalign can help you in your attempt to have straighter teeth and the best smile in your locality. You can certainly look for Invisalign near you but are advised to discuss with your orthodontist beforehand to understand whether you are a suitable candidate for this option.

Why Traditional Braces Are Still Considered the Better Option?

You can consider treatments other than traditional braces if your alignment issues are not extreme. However, your options will be limited if you have severely misaligned teeth if they are bicuspids. Invisalign braces will not be suitable for such teeth because of the potential of slipping indicating that they will not be able to align the teeth properly. Traditional braces, however, work better with such teeth because the braces are securely affixed to the tooth and not likely to slip.

Traditional Braces Ensure 100 Percent Patient Compliance

Many people with traditional braces have complained they are not removable and are therefore creating problems with oral hygiene. The cleaning problems look minor when compared to what would happen if the braces were removable.

Traditional braces being securely affixed to the teeth ensure 100 percent compliance from the patient without interrupting or impacting the overall result of the treatment. The braces cannot be removed and are a better option for adults that cannot make a firm commitment even to wear Invisalign without removing them. The results delivered by traditional braces certainly take a longer period of time but are guaranteed because the patient needs to follow the treatment is advised by the orthodontist.

Why Are People Preferring Invisalign?

Invisalign is being preferred by more people because they look better than traditional braces. Wearing traditional braces is similar to allowing the orthodontist permission to stick pieces of metal and wires in the mouth. The wires and brackets are certainly effective but not pretty. Traditional braces are unsightly when compared to Invisalign that is virtually invisible. The trays designed for straightening the patient’s teeth are made from a customized thermoplastic material which can hardly be noticed by others.

If you are one of the many that want to have straight teeth without letting anyone know about it you should be contacting Invisalign in Monmouth Junction to benefit from these invisible trays.

Invisalign Trays Can Be Removed Whenever Required

The dentist in Monmouth Junction, NJ, will provide you information that Invisalign trays can be removed for up to 2 to 4 hours every day giving you time to eat the foods you love and follow your oral hygiene routine. This option will not be available to you with traditional braces especially when trying to remove food particles that may be stuck in the brackets and wires. With Invisalign you will face no such problems because you just remove the aligners, clean your teeth and floss them before putting the aligners back on.

Removing the aligners has a few risks because it can interrupt the straightening process of the teeth making the treatment seem less effective. However, if you are prepared to replace the aligners immediately after eating and cleaning your mouth you will be reducing the risks by a large margin.

The Comfort of Wearing Invisalign Is Better Than Traditional Braces

The methods for straightening teeth all cause some discomfort because they are involved in a constant battle with your teeth in their attempt to put the teeth in the right places. The pressure from Invisalign trays appears gentle when compared to the pressure from traditional braces making Invisalign more comfortable to wear than the latter. The risks of cutting your gums are also eliminated as the smooth trays of Invisalign do not cause any discomfort to the gums.

What Are the Costs of Invisalign?

Several factors need to be considered when comparing the costs of Invisalign and traditional braces. The ultimate price will depend on the severity of the teeth alignment problems along with the number of trays you may be required to use throughout the duration of the treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign will cost you between $ 3500 and $ 8000 as compared to $ 2500-$ 6000 for traditional braces. However, the costs of both are covered by dental insurance and you just need to discuss with your insurer about the options you are choosing.

You are suggested to go by the recommendations made by your orthodontist who will be in the best position to determine the treatment best suited for your situation. Consult your dental professional to arrive at an informed decision. If you have aesthetic concerns or specific needs you can discuss them with the professional to have them addressed.

After you have picked a treatment you should seek solace in the fact that it is just a matter of time before the braces in your mouth are removed to give you the healthy and beautiful smile you were looking for.