Maintaining good oral hygiene prevents you from getting dental problems such as gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, etc. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing your teeth are activities geared towards good oral health.

Choosing the correct toothbrush plays a major role here. The nature of the brush also affects the effectiveness of the brushing process in removing plaques. Brushes with soft bristles are recommended since they do not hurt your gums or teeth enamel. The operation mechanism of the brush also plays a major role that is either manual or electronic toothbrushes.

Here are things you need to know before deciding whether to use a manual or electronic toothbrush.

Electric Toothbrush Benefits

Bristles of an electric toothbrush rotate or vibrate, helping you remove most of the plaque from your gum and teeth. This is because the vibrations give micro-movement every time you move the brush in your mouth.

1. More Effective in Removing Plaque

Review studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush reduces plaque buildup and gingivitis more than a manual toothbrush. A rotating toothbrush works better than a vibrating toothbrush.

2. Best for People with Limited Mobility

Since an electric toothbrush does most work for you, it makes it easier for people with limited mobility to clean their teeth. These include people with:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Arthritis

3. Built-In Time

How much time do you take to brush your teeth with a manual brush? For most people, the timing is random unless you install a kitchen timer in your bathroom. The electric toothbrush comes with built-in timers to help you time your brushing. This makes sure that you take enough time to brush your teeth.

4. Less Wastage

When it’s time to replace manual toothbrushes, you have to throw them away. However, for an electric toothbrush, you will need to replace just the head. This means less plastic to the environment.

However, there are also single-use electric toothbrushes that you will need to replace the whole of it.

5. May Improve Your Concentration When Brushing

A study showed increased focus when using an electric toothbrush than when using a manual one. This gives you a better experience when brushing, giving you cleaner teeth.

6. Best When You Have Braces

Research has shown that using an electric toothbrush is particularly helpful to people with orthodontic appliances such as braces since it makes brushing easier.

7. Best for Kids

Some kids are not interested in brushing their teeth. An electric toothbrush is more engaging than a manual one and helps your children have clean teeth and maintain good mouth cleaning habits.

8. Safe for Gums

Proper use of an electric toothbrush will lead to improved oral health without causing harm to your gum or enamel.

Manual Toothbrush Benefits

A manual toothbrush may not have the whistles found in an electric toothbrush, but they effectively prevent gingivitis and other dental problems.

If you are comfortable using the manual toothbrush, provided you brush your teeth twice a day, you are good to go. Here are the pros of a manual toothbrush.

  • Accessible

You can find a manual toothbrush in almost every dollar shop, grocery, gas station, and pharmacy. Since they do not require charging or batteries, you can brush your teeth anytime, anywhere.

  • Affordable

A Manual toothbrush costs significantly less than an electric one.

Do Electric Toothbrushes Clean Better?

Electric toothbrushes have been found to do a better job in cleaning your teeth than a manual toothbrush ever will. This is both for adults and children. So, if possible, get yourself an electric toothbrush.

Tips Related to Brushing Your Teeth

Always brush your teeth at least twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head after every three to four months of use. Hold your brush at 45 degrees to your teeth, and then make forward and back movements when brushing. It’s advisable to use mouthwash, but it should not replace brushing.

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