Dental implants can come in handy as one of the best replacement options for missing teeth. Missing teeth can have negative effects on oral health. Therefore, missing teeth have to be replaced as soon as possible. Dental implants are an easy and affordable option for tooth replacement procedures. A dental implant is made up of two components – the crown (artificial tooth) and the implant. An implant is a titanium root inserted into your jawbone to support the replacement tooth. An implant acts as a natural tooth root. There are about three types of dental implants and two of them require enough jawbone to fix the implants. Since the implant is inserted into the jawbone, an healthy, adequate jawbone is required. However, the jawbone begins to recede after tooth loss, and a lot of people might not have enough jawbone to support implants. Do they give up on the use of implants for tooth replacement? Not necessarily. Bone grafting is a solution for inadequate jawbone.

Bone grafting is a process through which missing bones in the jawbone are replaced with bone grafting materials. These bone grafting materials help to enhance bone regeneration. As the natural bone grows, the grafting material is being absorbed and this results in the integration of a region of new bones. This process is similar to teeth bonding. There are about five bone grafting materials available in cosmetic dentistry. They include:

  • Autografts. This uses the patient’s own bone tissue.
  • Allografts.These usually come from a human donor. It is most times treated bone from a cadaver.
  • Xenografts. These make use of the inorganic portions of animal bones and cows.
  • Alloplasts. These are created from a naturally occurring bone mineral called hydroxyapatite.
  • Ceramic-based graft. Ceramic-based graft. These are either made from a combination of ceramic, calcium or bioactive glass, or pure ceramic.

Despite the restorative properties of bone grafting surgery, there are still various myths surrounding the procedure.

7 Myths About Bone Grafting

  1. A bone grafting surgery is compulsory for everybody that needs a dental implant. This is a false and unfounded myth. The only reason you would need a bone grafting surgery is if your jawbone is inadequate to support a dental implant. Otherwise, you can have a dental implant without going through bone grafting surgery.
  2. The bone used for bone grafting surgery must compulsorily come from the patient. There are different types of bone grafting materials. These materials can come from animals, human donors, and even ceramics. The bone used for the surgery does not necessarily have to be the patient’s bone.
  3. The success rate of bone grafts is low because they are a new and experimental procedure. Bone grafting dates back to the 1600s. Constant development is being made with technological advancement.
  4. It takes a very long time to heal after having a bone graft. Patients undergoing dental bone grafts are usually administered anesthesia and sedated. After the surgery, patients only need a day’s bed rest and a week of limited physical activity. Pain relievers help to ease the pain and within a few weeks, everything returns to normalcy.
  5. A bone grafting surgery cannot be completed in one day. An emergency dentist in Robbinsville, NJ, can complete a bone grafting surgery in a day. This helps to speed up your dental implant process and reduce your time with missing teeth.
  6. Going through a bone grafting surgery for dental implants is not worth it. Dental implants are one of the best teeth replacement options available. It gives you the feel of your natural teeth and performs the full functionality of your natural teeth. Also, it is necessary to replace missing teeth. It is therefore imperative to go through a bone grafting surgery if you do not have enough jawbone for a dental implant procedure.
  7. Dental bone grafts are a gateway to infections after the procedure. Although infections indeed can occur after a dental bone graft surgery, it is very rare. This happens when you do not follow the instructions of your dentist in 08691. When this happens also, it can be easily treated with antibiotics.

Dental bone grafts can be a necessary thing to get while undergoing a dental reconstruction of the teeth.