What is it that makes you reluctant to smile before everyone? Is it because you are an introvert and don’t prefer meeting people, or is the place you live making you unhappy? Several things in life can impact a confident smile, one of which is the appearance of your teeth. 

You could be expressing reluctance to smile because you have discolored, cracked, broken, misaligned, and restored teeth with ungainly looking fillings. Although the problem you confront challenges millions in America, they do not stop smiling. Instead, they research smile makeover near me to have the issues fixed to begin smiling confidently.

If we are correct with our assumptions, we can confidently mention sitting at home and brooding about your non-existent smile will not prove beneficial unless you seek a dental office in your vicinity to get your problem evaluated and corrected to ensure you also begin to have a confident smile. Let us look at different aspects of your smile that cosmetic dentists can fix to make you an extrovert and willing to smile at everyone.

What Can You Expect When Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist?

When you visit a cosmetic dentist to discuss your smile, don’t expect the professional to deliver a generic plan created for everyone. Every smile is unique and needs personalized attention from the provider. Instead, expect the cosmetic dentist to work with you, inquiring into the matters that concern you and prevent smiling. Expect the dentist to examine your mouth and teeth to determine the precise cause of action and develop a treatment plan that suits you the best.

Cosmetic dentists provide various treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. While you may think your teeth are discolored and preventing you from smiling, the dentist might discover that you merely need a dental cleaning and nothing more. If you have teeth with minor chips or cracks, a remedy like dental bonding helps conceal the deficiencies in a single appointment with the dentist. Unfortunately, if you have severely broken teeth, you may require dental veneers to permanently hide the teeth from view by concealing them behind a porcelain shell. Therefore the specific problem affecting your smile will receive the treatment it deserves. However, please remember you may require one or more procedures depending on the extent of the makeover you need.

Are Smile Makeovers Scary?

If you fear visits to the dentist in 08852 because of dental anxiety, you might think every dental procedure is scary. However, if you want to put some confidence in your smile and appearance, you must overcome your dental phobia and visit the dentist to understand how to begin smiling confidently from one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. Therefore, consider the visit to the dentist as the first step to starting your new journey on getting a confident smile.

After examining your teeth and mouth to confirm you have no dental infections, the dentist will quickly recommend the best treatment suited for your smile. For example, if you have a mild to moderate case of misaligned teeth and are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment with metal braces, the dentist offers you clear plastic removable aligners to straighten your teeth and put them back in their original positions. The plastic aligners will help you improve the appearance of your teeth in approximately 12 to 18 months while remaining invisible in your mouth when wearing them. So long as you adhere to your dentist’s instructions, you overcome the problem with crooked and misaligned teeth besides dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease, receiving one treatment to deal with multiple problems.

Unfortunately, if you have teeth with significant silver amalgam restorations visible when you smile, the dentist can provide a suitable remedy by recommending the replacement of the fillings with composite resin fillings. The dentist removes the silver amalgam fillings from your teeth to give you tooth-colored restorations that protect your teeth without impacting their appearance.

If you have missing teeth, dentists and help you overcome the problems by providing replacements like dental implants, bridges, or dentures, depending on your physical health and circumstances. You get to decide which option you want after considering the prices of the replacements and the duration of the treatment. However, dentists ensure they deliver the confidence you want in your smile with any smile makeover treatment they provide.

Do you want to make your smile appear more confident? If so, schedule an appointment with Brunswick Smiles to get a smile makeover that will make you smile confidently.