Have you recently been told that your smile could benefit from a dental implant procedure? If so, we know that news can send a lot of people on a quest to locate the best dentist near them to perform the treatment. We also know that having information about the procedure ahead of time can make the identification of the “best dentist near me” a lot easier for those of you who may not be familiar with the dental restoration procedure.

At Mercer Smiles, our oral surgeons and general dentists are well versed in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, including dental implants, and want to make sure that you have the information you need to make the right decision for your procedure before deciding on a tooth replacement option from a dentist near you in Robbinsville, NJ. With that in mind, we provide the following overview of the procedure.

The Choice to Replace a Missing Tooth is an Important One

Some people want to replace a missing tooth strictly for cosmetic reasons. But did you know that there’s also a health reason to replace a missing tooth? Over time, as your remaining teeth shift out of alignment to fill the space that was created by the missing tooth, you’ll experience gaps between your teeth that create a perfect environment for increased tooth decay, periodontal disease, and loss of jaw bone structure.

When that happens, you open the opportunity for increased tooth loss. Instead of waiting for that eventuality to occur, there are a few options to select from as a preventive dentistry measure. These include a dental implant procedure, a dental bridge procedure, or a partial denture.

Most patients elect a dental implant procedure because of its high success rate and long-term durability. While the procedure can be a little more of a time commitment over the other options, a dental implant procedure can last a lifetime versus a possible replacement that will be required from a dental bridge or a partial denture.

If you’re wondering about the cost and timeframes for each treatment modality, we invite you to make an appointment with our dental care team at Mercer Smiles for a consultation and treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Don’t Let the Terminology Keep You from Replacing Your Tooth

When you visit a dentist in Robbinsville, NJ for a tooth replacement consultation, you may hear terminology that is unfamiliar – and frankly, a little scary. We hope that the information we provide below will help you become more familiar with some of the vocabulary that’s used by oral surgeons so that you won’t delay getting the dental care that you need.

One term that is often used in conjunction with a dental implant is a sinus lift procedure. Another term is a bone graft procedure. Interestingly, both of these terms are linked by the same procedure that’s used to ensure that a patient has enough bone material to hold the dental implant without it affecting the sinus area of the jaw.

A bone graft or sinus lift for a dental implant are very common in dental restoration, and they are nothing to fear. In fact, most implant procedures will require the preparation of bone to support the posts of the prosthetic tooth.

Sinus lift surgery in Robbinsville, NJ is most often required in connection with a bone graft when a patient’s maxillary sinus is located too close to their upper jaw which creates a risk that the implant could penetrate it.

So, while the terminology may have been unfamiliar to you before today, the good news is that after reading this article you’re better equipped to know why a sinus lift or bone graft are needed in conjunction with your dental implant.

The Takeaway for a Successful Dental Implant

Remember, if your dentist has recommended a dental implant, you may also hear them mention the need for a bone graft or sinus lift procedure. But instead of fearing those procedures, you should view them optimistically as two helpful treatments to ensure the success of your dental implant.

If you’re looking for a leading dental implant dentist in Robbinsville, NJ to help you replace the gap in your smile, the highly-skilled team at Mercer Smiles can successfully and safely perform all facets of the treatment – including bone grafts and sinus lifts — to give you back your smile.