You will require help from an oral surgeon to treat a tumor or cyst in your jaw or perhaps for dental implant placement if you have accidentally or deliberately lost a permanent tooth. An oral surgeon is also beneficial if you want to have cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. You are referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon if you are affected by:

  • TMJ or TMD pain or facial pain.
  • You have issues with your wisdom teeth.
  • You have a misaligned jaw.
  • You need reconstructive surgery following injuries.
  • You need palate surgery or have a cleft lip.
  • You are affected by cancer in the face, jaw, and neck.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea affects you.

If you receive a referral to an oral surgeon from your dentists, it shouldn’t set alarm bells ringing in your mind. The referral would be for the purpose of having an issue or multiple issues treated with oral surgery. If you aren’t aware of what oral surgery is, you must continue reading this article to understand why you are referred to an oral surgeon.

Explaining Oral Surgery

There is practically no difference between oral surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Oral surgery refers to procedures performed in your mouth, and maxillofacial relates to processes to your jaws and face.

You may be referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for diagnosis and treatment or perform surgery for issues in the head, face, neck, jaws, and hard and soft oral tissues. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is recognized globally as a surgical specialty.

Candidates desiring to become oral surgeons must earn a four-year degree in dentistry and complete another four years of residency in hospital oral and maxillofacial surgery. The program includes specialized training in pain management and anesthesia.

If you are referred to the oral surgeon Brunswick, there is no cause for you to worry because it doesn’t mean you have a challenging issue to deal with. It is merely an indicator that a specialist to deal with your case is available in close quarters.

Oral Surgeons Are Better Equipped at Tooth Extractions

An oral surgeon is often necessary if you have a dental emergency that requires tooth extraction. The oral surgeon can also reconstruct your bone and gum tissue. As qualified and experienced professionals in surgery, you will find it better to deal with an oral surgeon if you want to have one or more wisdom teeth extracted. Oral surgeons can deal with conditions like impacted wisdom teeth or a misaligned jaw and bone loss. These specialists can also treat chronic conditions and diseases arising from issues in the mouth.

If you need an oral surgeon, you will find that the dentist in Kendall Park manages both procedures. This is an experienced dentist who can treat various issues that could be bothering you to require surgery for correcting a specific problem.

There are many reasons why you may be referred to an oral surgeon. Your dentist may do so if you report a traumatic injury and need prompt treatment for a condition that may worsen if left untreated. The traumatic injury could have left you with missing teeth, which impact you in many ways.

If you must have dental implant placements to replace missing teeth, help from an oral surgeon will become essential. The oral surgeon evaluates your oral and physical health before ascertaining whether you are a candidate for the surgery. The professional can determine any reasons that may hamper your candidacy for the surgery, including lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, and others and health issues like diabetes and immune deficiency.

You will face a Catch-22 situation when you lose your permanent teeth from a traumatic injury because replacements will become essential for various reasons. Missing teeth impact your smile, eating ability, speech, and appearance as your remaining teeth begin to move out of position. The only professional that can and will help you in this situation is an oral surgeon who you mustn’t be scared to visit. After conducting an assessment of your oral and physical health, the oral surgeon will help you appropriately to have teeth replacements to restore the functionality of your mouth.

Oral surgeons can help you in various ways. However, you will not allow yourself to stay away from them when you need any surgery to correct issues in your mouth or face that are impacting you.

Are you trying to understand why you may need an oral surgeon? This article provides all information about oral surgeons and can help you achieve the information you need.