Children’s Dentistry

Children need quality dental care to ensure oral health and proper development. That’s why you should choose the top-rated children’s dentist in Central Jersey for all of your children’s dental needs. We provide the treatments needed to give your child a healthy smile and lifelong oral health.

Why Your Child Needs Pediatric Dentistry

You need to choose a dentist with pediatric dental experience to provide for your child’s unique needs. Pediatric dental practices focus on the specific issues children face as their teeth and mouths develop, and you need a dentist who can identify common childhood oral health problems and plan effective treatments.

A Typical Children’s Dentist Visit

You should schedule a dental visit for your child once every six months, just like patients of any other age. When you come to one of our convenient locations, our dental team will provide a routine dental cleaning and exam to help protect your child’s oral health.

Professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar that cause tooth decay. These deposits are formed by bacteria over time, and simple brushing can’t remove them effectively. We use special tools to ensure your child’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned.

You can also take advantage of fluoride treatment to provide lasting protection against tooth decay for your child. Dental sealants for the back teeth provide even more protection, safeguarding these important chewing surfaces from tooth decay and cavities.

A Welcoming Environment for Your Child

One of the reasons we highly recommend pediatric dental care is that we can offer an environment in which your child can feel comfortable. In our warm and welcoming office, your child will feel safe and confident during dental care.

By ensuring that your child has positive experiences, we’re setting them up for a lifetime of good oral health. Our friendly team will make your child less nervous about visiting the dentist, leading to a better experience for children and parents alike.

Dental Care for All of Your Child’s Needs

Make sure that your child receives all of the preventive and restorative care they need with care from the board-certified dentists at family-owned Smiles Family Dentistry. We will provide for your child’s dental needs in South Brunswick Township, Robbinsville Township, and Hillsborough Township. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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