If you have missing teeth, dentures could help you regain a full smile and make eating and speaking naturally easier. Dentures and partial dentures both provide improved form and function to the smiles of people who have missing teeth. These are not the only tooth replacement options, however. Which is right for you?

Full Dentures

Full dentures provide an effective replacement teeth option for individuals missing all of their teeth. Complete dentures can greatly improve your quality of life, making it possible to eat and speak more naturally, along with improving the appearance of your face.

When you wear dentures, you’ll have to keep a few requirements in mind. For example, you may need denture adhesive to prevent slippage on the surface of the dentures. You’ll also need to follow appropriate hygiene practices to clean dentures, protect any remaining teeth, and maintain your dental health.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can provide a solution for individuals who still have remaining natural teeth. These dentures replace several teeth and are similar to dental bridges. However, they are removable and use a metal framework to stay fixed.

Along with making eating and speaking easier, partial dentures can improve the appearance of your smile. As with full dentures, you’ll have certain care requirements to follow, such as using denture cleaner to keep them hygienic.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures provide a great tooth replacement option that combines the benefits of both dentures and dental implants. Conventional dentures often feel loose require the use of denture glue and cause abrasion, but implant-supported dentures have a strong foundation that prevents slippage and gives you the ability to bite into foods that you wouldn’t be able to with a conventional denture.

Implant-supported dentures have the additional benefit of supporting long-term oral health. Traditional dentures can lead to jawbone deterioration over time, which causes the face to look sunken. Dental implants can prevent this deterioration because they are similar to natural tooth roots, which promote bone health.

Other Tooth Replacement Options

Dentures can improve many patients’ quality of life, but they aren’t the right option for everyone. Some denture users have to deal with bad breath, sore gum tissue, and tooth decay in their remaining natural teeth. Other options can often provide better results.

Dental implants from Smiles Family Dentistry are a very effective tooth replacement option. They can replace single or multiple teeth or even a full mouth of teeth. Dental implants offer a more stable and permanent solution for missing teeth than implant-supported dentures.

They provide better chewing function, require less maintenance, and are designed to look and feel like natural teeth.

Depending on your situation, dental crowns and bridges might be preferred to dentures. Dental bridges, in particular, are very similar to permanent partial dentures. They serve the same purpose while providing additional strength and durability.

Denture Options in Central New Jersey

The team at Smiles Family Dentistry will recommend the best solution for your individual tooth replacement needs and can serve you in Monmouth Junction and Hillsborough, NJ. If you have missing teeth, come in for a consultation to discuss potential tooth replacement options. Reach out today to book an appointment!

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