At Smiles Family Dentistry, we always try to save natural teeth to provide you with the best long-term oral health. However, surgical extraction is sometimes necessary when teeth are seriously damaged. When that happens, we perform fast and comfortable extractions alongside a wide range of tooth replacement options.

Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

Severe tooth decay is a common reason for tooth extractions. When tooth decay spreads to the inner layers of a tooth, it can cause infection. Eventually, the only treatment option is extraction.

Gum disease can also lead to tooth extractions. As the condition develops, it affects the gum tissue surrounding the roots and can weaken the bone that supports teeth. Severe gum disease can eventually cause teeth to become loose and unstable, so they may require extraction.

Physical damage to your teeth could also warrant an extraction, particularly if you experience dental trauma. You could also find yourself in need of tooth removal for orthodontic reasons such as crowding. Finally, it’s very common for young adults to undergo wisdom teeth extraction by oral surgeons. Oftentimes, an oral surgeon will recommend extraction of wisdom teeth as a preventive measure to avoid future pain or infection.

Some common reasons wisdom teeth removal is recommended:

Food becomes trapped behind wisdom tooth/teeth
Infection or gum disease (periodontal disease)
Tooth decay in a partially erupted wisdom tooth
Damage to a nearby tooth or surrounding bone
Development of a fluid-filled sac (cyst) around the wisdom tooth
Complications with orthodontic treatments to straighten other teeth

At Smiles Family Dentistry, we understand that tooth extractions can be a stressful and sometimes necessary procedure. That's why we prioritize patient comfort and personalized care, using the latest techniques and technology to ensure a smooth and successful extraction process.

Dealing with a Dental Emergency

Tooth extractions are often emergency procedures that are performed after accidents or other sudden issues. If you experience dental trauma or severe pain, don’t hesitate to call your dentist at Smiles Family Dentistry immediately.

Once you’re at our office, we can determine whether extraction is the appropriate course of action to relieve pain and properly treat your dental injury.

Recovery After Extraction

For most tooth extractions, we use a local anesthetic, so you won’t have to worry about sedation wearing off after the procedure. A blood clot will form quickly to stop any bleeding. You may experience some swelling and discomfort for 24 hours, but the extraction site should improve soon after the treatment.

If you still have pain after the extraction, reach out to us. Extractions can lead to complications like dry sockets, and you may need additional medication to prevent infection. Make sure to eat only soft foods and follow all other aftercare instructions. See our post-operative instructions here.

Tooth Extraction in Monmouth Junction, Robbinsville Twp & Hillsborough Twp

When you need a tooth extraction, Smiles Family Dentistry can provide effective and comfortable treatment in Monmouth Junction, Robbinsville Twp and Hillsborough Twp. Reach out to our office to book your appointment.

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